The Friday Politics Thread Disinfects

Good Morning Politcadoes!  So you may have read that the President wants us to try bleach or UV disinfectants to kill off the Silent Enemy, much like mustard gas did to those loud enemies in WWI.  I was eager to try this treatment, so I could go bowling and get my hair cut and all, but the only bleachy cleaning supply I have left is toilet bowl cleaner – which is too thick to inject and clearly Trump doesn’t want me to just drink it, that’s ridiculous.  I also have Method brand wipes, which I think are just scented water, obviously that’s going to work.  I’ll probably see a workable vaccine before I see Clorox in the store again, so I guess I’ll just have to stay inside.  Tune in to today’s conference where we will learn that Trump knows an Old Lady who swallowed a fly, he didn’t know why, but cured the COVID.

By the way, If I see another Ben Garrison cartoon, I’m turning this thread right around, and it’s back to Winnipeg with all of you.

Remember, everyone is on edge, so let’s be friends in the thread.  Do not threaten violence to anyone, because that way lies a dark path, and also legal ramifications.  If anything gets posted too often, let one of the mods know.  Which now includes me, so yeah, just shout it out.

Also, Rosebaby started walking this week for real.