30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day 10: Dream Crossover

With all the talk recently on the Twitterverse about a DC/Marvel crossover being a great way to get past the COVID-19 pandemic for stores and readers, there’s obviously a ton of interest in crossovers. The original crossovers we’ve had before for the big two have been fun but limited and we’ve seen a lot more interesting scenarios since that only involve one of them most of the time, such as the Batman/TMNT crossovers.

Where I’ve had my fun is in seeing how Dynamite has handled its distinct licensed properties and managed to engage in some really great crossovers, such as bringing Red Sonja over with Archie Comics or the use of Bettie Page jumping across different series herself. There’ve been a lot of team-up books as well that have utilized the crossover concept great there.

The ones I really want to see are all Barbarella-driven but that’s because I want to see more of the character and the idea of her and Green Lantern teaming up just delights me.

What’s your dream crossover?

Note: We’ve wrapped up week two of our thirty-day comic book challenge. We’re again taking the weekend off and encourage you to check out the previous entries as they’re evergreen and always worth talking about!!