The Original Hot Dog Shop Day Thread

I transferred to the University of Pittsburgh campus in Oakland back in 2001.

After move – in was done, my Mom, sister, and I had lunch at the Original Hot Dog Shop aka The O.

My mom had heard about it from a co-worker that had visited the city.

That day, we ordered a cheese pizza and world famous O fries.

After long nights of drinking, my friends and I would go to the O for late night food to help quell the buzz of cheap beer.

The O would be a place to meet up with friends that would visit me for Steelers weekends .

It was announced Sunday morning April 19th that the 0 closed their doors, possibly for good.

A friend reached out to me to let me know about the news. We both lamented the fact that a cornerstone of our college years is now gone. I told my buddy the O should have been granted landmark status.

As the neon lights go out for the final time, a city mourns a landmark of fast food, time spent with good friends and family, and the hope that this is just temporary.