Avocado Day Thread

The Cementland Day Thread (April 21, 2020)

It’s unlikely, but if I ever happen to be in St Louis, I would most definitely visit Cementland. Or not, actually as it never actually opened and even the website domain has expired. Anyway, the abandoned cement factory that stood on the site was purchased by idiosyncratic local artist and sculptor Bob Cassilly, who planned upon creating a public site where people could explore and have fun. He filled the grounds with sculptures, built walkways and dug moats for water to collect. It sounds utterly bizarre and amazing.

cementland body

Tragically, Cassilly was found dead inside his bulldozer in 2011, presumably having accidentally crashed, and the project came to an end; a fire in 2016 caused the warehouse roof to collapse, and in 2017 a security firm was employed to prevent trespassing. If you have the time here’s an excellent long read about the artist and his life:


As always, stay safe Avocados, and have a grand old day.