30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day 7: Your Favorite Couple

When it comes to comic book romances, I’ll admit I don’t have a ton of investment in them. While I was a huge fan of the “growing up” of the Superman and Lois Lane relationship all those years ago with their engagement and wedding, and I felt the same about Spider-Man and Mary Jane, both of those events had been wiped from the slate over time and it keeps me from really committing myself. With the idea behind the superhero world being one that focuses largely on teenagers, even if that’s not their actual core audience (in physical age at least), it’s not a surprise that they keep their relationships simple in the end. Which is why I tend to be more interested in the live-action shows or films that can deal with the relationship side a little more.

But I do love me a relationship.

The ones that sends real goosebumps down my spine are the various Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne ones over the years because there has been a long-established sexual chemistry between them. It was a wink and nod for quite a few years and things got serious in different ways over different incarnations. With my preference for the 70’s Catwoman, which we see a flavor of in the image above, I always enjoyed that one of their dalliances in a different universe lead to the creation of Helena, who in turn grew up to become the Huntress. In fact, it’s one of the reasons I tend to gravitate more towards alternate universe storylines since they’re able to do things a little more freely and shake things up and explore them in new ways.

A lot of the appeal between these two is definitely the sexuality, which we also saw explored in the second live-action Batman film under Tim Burton with all the leather, the looks, and the dialogue. That allowed the expressiveness to really take root, which has been explored in the comics a whole lot.

Like any relationship, it has its ups and downs and I can’t keep track of which incarnation is which anymore, but the concept of these two together regularly makes the top of my favorite couple list.