The Avocado’s Favorite Film Director – ROUND 4!

“Negativity is the enemy of creativity.” – David Lynch

“A fairly young, intelligent-looking man with long hair asked me whether filming or being filmed could do harm, whether it could destroy a person. In my heart the answer was yes, but I said no.” – Werner Herzog

As their lips fall as silent as Chaplin, the long third round is finally over. Harm has in fact been done to 16 of our contestants. The acrid smell of directorial blood fills the empty Hollywood air.

Look closely and you will see Sidney Lumet cradling Paul Thomas Anderson, a worthy adversary. Orson Welles is drinking a toast over Francis Ford Coppola’s mortal remains with Coppola’s own wine, both of which Welles has taken before their time. Wes Anderson stands symmetrically covered in the blood of Christopher Nolan. Alfred Hitchcock takes the fruit cup Mel Brooks never will. With his last breath, Spike Lee tweets out Luca Guadagino’s home address.

Yes, we’re down to our sweet sixteen but there’s nothing sweet about it. 16 great directors must now fight to the bloody end to see who will qualify for the top 8 spots. I do not envy those who have to make this decision.

Same set-up as last time. I may start contracting the time-spans of each round once we get to the final four, but that’s still *checks notes* two rounds off.

To try to get a little more variety in the films each director is being represented by, I have posted a GIF of their last theatrically released feature film. (So no French Dispatch for you!) The only exception is Billy Wilder, because there’s next to no trace of Buddy Buddy anywhere online grumble grumble.

Anyway, before we move on, a moment of silence for our champions who went down swinging.

The Fallen

Werner Herzog

John Huston

Charles Chaplin

Alfonso Cuaròn

Kathryn Bigelow

Spike Lee

Tim Burton

James Cameron

Mel Brooks

Christopher Nolan

Taika Waititi

David Lynch

Fritz Lang

Paul Thomas Anderson

Francis Ford Coppola

Guillermo Del Toro


Voting will close 48 hours after the 8th Match is posted!