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The Weekend PT Ran Out of Ideas But Not Twitter Games

Anna: To be quite honest, Monty, I have nothing to talk about. 


Monty: Me neither. Apparently Mali and Kiribati are holding their second round of parliamentary elections, but…meh.
Anna: Then it is time. We are going back to the US for this one. Well. Maybe. We’re also leaving it. I saw this tweet the other day and was delighted with the responses, a whole host of strangers gathering together to declare Pennsylvania Poland, argue if New York or Massachusetts was Germany, and all sorts of other place names that do not make sense to you yet because I have not pasted in the tweet. A moment. 


In times of quarantine, my powers of thinking leave me sometimes, and I thought, you know what, this would be a good prompt. What countries would the states be, and what states would the countries be, and this worldwide pandemic is awful so I figured there will still be news and tweets and everyone rushing here to report things, but this would be a nice fun brain exercise on those off moments that (please dear god please) nothing happens this weekend and take your mind off all of this. I saw people discussing the politics of food in Chicago, the existence of parts of the state other than Chicago, there were a couple jokes about French vowels and how we already say Illinois funny (you leave out the s, if you didn’t know), and it cheered me up, so I hope finding some positives about your states and countries and how they are, in their own ways, the Parises and Londons and Alabamas of the world. 


Also, real talk, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to start forming interstate alliances, considering how things were going.