Best Downton Abbey Character Tournament — Nominations

With everyone locked down in their normal houses like jailbirds, now seems like a good time to fantasize about those who live in a home so large, they would never run out of things to do. So let’s go back to a simpler era which brought us World War I and The Great Depression, among other pleasant things. Let’s go back to the time of Downton Abbey.

This will be a fairly simple tournament compared to others, I think. Downton Abbey has many great characters, but not nearly as large as cast as something like Game of Thrones, so I expect the nomination process will be pretty straightforward. All characters are eligible for contention, of course, (though if Mr. Green gets anywhere in this contest, I’ll know you all have been trolling).

And, yes, you can vote for Isis (the dog, not the terrorist organization).

Have at it, folks!