A Private Little War: The Best Non-Recurring Character in Star Trek–Round of 32

The first round is in the books.  Here some of the interesting stats:

  • #1 seed Dathon received the most upvotes overall with an impressive 48.
  • His first round opponent, Trent, received the fewest with only a single vote to his name.
  • Not coincidentally, Match 1 between Dathon and Trent was the biggest blowout, with a score differential of 47 points.
  • Match 9 between Kivas Fajo and Capt. Benjamin Maxwell came down to the wire, with Fajo holding on to victory by a single vote, 24-23.
  • The winners with the least upvotes were Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, and Vreenak, who each earned 23 votes.
  • Captain Maxwell was the most upvoted not to move on, also with 23 votes.

There were many blowout victories this round.  I’m sure no one expected a literal Redshirt to defeat Khan, and Tom Morello’s Crewman Mitchell had a tough draw going up against Aamin Marritza.  There were a couple of surprise upsets as well, though.  Amanda Rogers (#10) couldn’t overcome the Horta (#55) despite having all the powers of the Q on her side.  And Lee, the social worker from “Paste Tense,” pulled out a victory against a similar god-like being, Lt. Gary Mitchell from “Where No Man Has Gone Before.”  For a full list list of characters going home, see the spoiler tag below.

  • Trent
  • Lenara Kahn
  • Tuvix
  • Elaan
  • Ensign Harper
  • Romulan Commander (“Enterprise Incident”)
  • Jim Shimoda
  • Klim Dokachin
  • Antedeian Dignitary
  • Gary Mitchell
  • Rain Robinson
  • Bele
  • George Kirk
  • Berlinghoff Rasmussen
  • The Providers
  • Lt. Castillo
  • Nuria
  • Crewman Mitchell
  • Dr Juliana Tainer
  • Amanda Rogers
  • Admiral Pressman
  • Female Q
  • Adam
  • Armus
  • The Clown
  • Yelgrun
  • Lanel
  • Eline
  • Minosian Peddler
  • Stephen Hawking
  • Mendon
  • Capt. Ben Maxwell

The Round of 32 begins now.  I think there are some good match-ups here.  And if you feel that any are one-sided, remember, “An opponent of limited dimensions can often be quite diverting.”