30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day 3: Underrated Comic / Series

If I went back several years, I could probably tackle this particular question with a lot more ease. What comic or series do you think is underrated and should get a lot more attention?

When I read more books and was more involved in the actual fandom itself, visiting comic shops and talking to other readers as well as spending time on various discussion boards, it was easier to pull out books that were underrated to talk about. With the way I am now with comics, and the way that there are a lot of seemingly vocal fans for any title out there, it’s hard to tell what’s really underrated unless you’re going strictly by sales.

For me, the series/property I wish was getting a lot more attention for how good it has been are the various Bettie Page miniseries. David Avallone has written most of them to date (new ones are coming from other writers soon) and he’s had the right kind of fourth-wall breaking at times and irreverence while also capturing the time period and playing up things that would otherwise come across poorly to modern sensibilities. That across multiple series and minis we’ve had one larger storyline developing has been one of the best bits of it. Plus, tons of gorgeous artwork.

Definitely worth checking out.