The Avocado’s Favorite Film Director – ROUND 1!

“Movie directing is a perfect refuge for the mediocre.”  – Orson Welles

But oh, we love mediocrities, don’t we?

Happy Easter Sunday or plain Special Sunday to all you Avocados. While some of you like me are able to spend today with your family in quarantine, others may not be able to. Never fear. We have a special treat for those of you still with us: one of the biggest first rounds in an Avocado tournaments you’re likely to see not run by BannerThief!

Within two days, we had about 518 directors and directing teams nominated by members to take part in the contest. With such a wide array of tastes and eras represented, it seemed unfair to limit the participation to a paltry 64. So I present to you the top 128 directors of all time as picked by the Avocado!

I think every vote was counted carefully and I’d like to extend my thanks to everyone who caught duplicates. A special shout-out to bortman for alerting me to Cameron Crowe having two separate but equal sets of votes that together were enough to get him in the contest. I had to break a huge tie last night for our last 4 seeds, but let’s pour one out for great directors like François Truffaut, Yasujirō Ozu, Frank Darabont, Bob Fosse, Sergei Eisenstein, Michael Powell, Nicolas Roeg, and so many others who didn’t even get that far. A rough mistress, cinema.

I debated making organized brackets but with a tournament this size, I opted instead for basic seeding (Highest amount of upvotes vs. lowest amount of upvotes, second-highest vs. second-lowest, etc.). Below each match title, upvote your preferred on-set tyrant.

64 great directors are being eliminated this round and while I may not be able to participate super-heavily in the conversations due to the holiday (oh heck, I still will), I trust all of you to honor the spirit of the Avocado and respect each other as you debate their finer filmic merits.

Welp, let’s roll away the stone and get to voting on your favorite mediocrities! Enjoy your Easter / Sunday and I look forward to the results. It may take me a while to post the 64 matches from when this article goes live though so be patient if you’re early.

Voting will close 48 hours from when I’ve posted the 64th match.