The Thrizzling Day Thread (April 3)

Tales Designed To Thrizzle was a hilarious comic book series created by Michael Kupperman in the mid-Aughts. Each issue was a collection of goofy single page and newspaper strip style cartoons featuring surreal scenes and often downright bizarre twists. The style was of classic pulp fiction, with lots of parodies of the kind of advertisements found in the books of the era. Conan O’Brien described Kupperman as “One of the best comedy brains of the planet”, and no less than the A.V. Club stated that “No one does giddy surrealism quite like Kupperman.” –The comics were collected into two hardback books by Fantagraphics.

thrizzle image 1

To me it means the weekly trip to the comic book store every Thursday to check out the new releases, and hearing my best friend laugh like a drain as we read them together.

thrizzle image 2

Stay at home, stay safe, and enjoy your day, everybody!