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The Friday Pilates Thread Says Goodbye

I can’t believe this. As if to prove the point that I need to bail from putting up this thread, I just spent 20 minutes writing a well thought out send off post to my Friday PT hosting job, only to see a “the WordPress app has stopped working” notification pop up as I was finishing it.

So rather than retyping the whole thing at 2:30am, I’ll just cut to the chase. Please welcome Crybaby Boobie as the new Friday PT host! He has offered to take over the hosting duties and keep the Friday PT in NJ where it belongs. I’m sure he’ll do a great job! He better do a great job…or else…*shakes fist*

I will still be around here as a normal commenter, and who knows, since I started this Friday job prior to 2016, maybe giving it up will finally break some horrible curse. Who knows?

Anyway, I’m not great with goodbyes, so…see you in the comments below.