Sunday Food Thread goes Top Chef 3/29

The latest season (#17) of Top Chef started a week and a half ago. We’re watching it and I really miss old-time AV Club® write-ups and the comments that ensued. I don’t have the skills to start/maintain a good weekly recap of the show but would be happy to read one if someone wants to start it up. If you’re watching the show and have an opinion on it maybe start a subthread. Heck if you’re not watching the show and have an opinion on it start a subthread, this is the Avocado after all. I’m kind of ambivalent about the “players from the past” business but the first two episodes have been pretty good. I’m good with a bit of drama being ginned up by the producers as long as it’s food related drama.

As always- What are you eating this week? Hope it’s good and hits the spot.