Introduce Yourself!

It’s been a while since we’ve done an Upvote Generator Introduce Yourself! thread, and with times what they are, we figured it might not be a bad time for some levity.

To new people: WELCOME!!!

To the people still here: GLAD TO HAVE YOU!!!

So, right talking about ourselves. As if we don’t do that enough already …

For those who’d like some ideas, feel free to use any of these, or something else entirely.

  • How did you get here, which Internet haunt did you use to frequent before?
  • Where do you hang out on the Avocado?
  • Orgins of avatar and/or username and/or your online persona.
  • Demographic information (age [range], area, gender, sexual orientation, race/ethnic identity, job, relationship status, pronouns, kids etc. )
  • Hobbies, pets, passions. Posting pet pictures does tend to work well for upvote farming, as most of us have noticed by now.
  • Pop culture interests
  • What you would do with your power if you were omnipotent?
  • Things you’d like to know, but never can?
  • Things you’d very much prefer not to know, but do anyway?
  • Do you name your plants, and do they speak to you? If so, about what? Totally no reason why I’d ask this. Nope, not at all.
  • Aims, goals, future plans (yes, there will be a future, I was told!)

As always: Don’t share beyond your comfort level, and don’t pressure anyone else to share beyond theirs. Happy introducing!