The Creative Endeavors Thread Is at a Loss

This is the space for our members to discuss and share their creative projects, ranging from written works to drawings, photography, and even craft projects such as knitting and woodworking. Self promotion is welcome (websites where we can view and/or purchase your work). Please do continue to preface if content is NSFW and be sure to properly spoiler/link such content. Those of you who’d like to post future Creative Endeavors Threads, please be sure to check out the Sign-Up Sheets and act accordingly.


As, I suspect, with many of you, it’s been a strange week. To the best of my knowledge, I still have a job, which helps immensely, but I haven’t gotten nearly the creative work done this weekend that I wanted to, not least as I’m still wrapping my head around what this new ad hoc schedule of mine means for my life in general, artistic or otherwise. In theory, this should be a perfect time for me to really stretch my muscles; I’m well stocked on art supplies, and thanks to a much-improved savings regimen, I can last several months even if worst came to worst (not that I obviously want things to get that far).

Knowing that many couldn’t is one of the big hurdles here; my life and imagination have depended so heavily on the local service ecosystem and it’s been gutting to see so many pleas for help from people I care about (some with which I’ve tried to assist). It’s not exactly a surprise that so many bars and restaurants operate on small margins, but to see so many come close to the edge so fast has been sobering. Trying to maintain any kind of imaginative framework when one’s world seems to be crumbling all around has been something akin to “sobering” when that means somehow that you’re drinking more as a result.

It’s a dark time, I’m not gonna lie.

That said, how’s your work going?