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Monty: Alright, let’s talk about the Falkland Islands!

Anna: They are islands off the coast of South America, I have learned. They’re also called the Islas [CENSORED-ed.] which made me excited for a moment that we were discussing wherever Maldives is, as that is a famous Bachelor location I would actually know something about. But NOPE, so I went and did some research myself to learn about the Falkland Islands. The word “controversy” starts the second paragraph on wikipedia, which almost always promises a fun time. While I learn some shit Monty, explain this referendum.

Monty: Okay, the Falkland Islands are a cold, windswept British territory in the far south of the Atlantic with a population of about 3,000 people.

And before you ask, yes, the islands are Coronavirus-free.

Currently, the island’s legislature is divided into two constituencies: the capital Stanley, with 3 seats, and Camp, comprising the entire rest of the island, with 3. The problem with this is that Stanley now contains 87% of the population and thus should have 7 of the 8 seats.

So on Thursday, 26 March, there will be a public referendum on whether to switch to a single-constituency system. Naturally, the voters of Camp are vehemently against this, but the last time a similar referendum was held in 2011, even the people of Stanley barely supported the change. This place isn’t big enough to warrant opinion polls, so we’ll just have to find out how it goes.