The Night Thread belongs to Robomunk (3/20)

Half chipmunk.

Half robot.



The future of law enforcement.

For the last season of the 80’s Alvin and the Chipmunks cartoon, the show went all in on movie parodies. The EIGHTH season! … when it was retitled to The Chipmunks Go to the Movies. If you thought nostalgia for 90’s pop culture was a recent thing, let me tell you… it was around as early as 1990. The show would parody a lot of movies that kids would be familiar with and that everyone in the Ready Player One generation was obsessed with: Back to the Future, ET, Indiana Jones, Batman, and, of course, RoboCop… that property that is famously for the children.

In show, RoboMunk wears a baseball cap. You lied to me, VHS cover!

Don’t worry, parents! That gun in that leg holster of his? It’s a power washer that’s used only to clean graffiti. More like RoboSanitationWorker, amirite.

If you wish to have your own copy of Robomunk, you can buy a VHS copy on Amazon for the steep price of $30. On eBay, there’s a copy for the still expensive price of $6. I am tempted to click the Make Offer button, just so I can buy that for a dollar.

There was also a Splash parody that Bagdasarian Productions decided to call “Sploosh.”


While looking up Robomunk, by the way, I ran across an Eleanor super-fan who compiled a YouTube playlist of “Eleanor’s Talking Scenes Only.” So if you are likewise a fan of That Sweet Eleanor Vocal Chord Sound, give it a spin.