Sex & Relationships 03/18/2020

Hey it’s that time of week again where we talk about sex and relationships!

Prompt: maintaining relationships in the age of social distancing, both sexual and platonic.

This will be my final week of hosting the Sex and Relationships thread, which I have turned over to the very capable hands of upstanding Avocado and fellow mod Dropwing. Thank you for your openness to share these very personal details of your lives, and I hope that these discussions have given you support and encouragement when you needed it. Thank you for being respectful and kind to your fellow Guacs and rarely, if ever, crossing the line and requiring moderator intervention – but for those who have ever voiced concerns about feeling unsafe and inappropriate behavior, thank you for speaking up and helping us to make this a safer space.

As a going away present, I will share with you the sex thread anthem that I sing in my head whenever it comes time to write this. It is to the tune of “Fish Heads” by Barnes and Barnes:
Sex thread, sex thread
La-dee da-dee sex thread
Sex thread, sex thread
Don’t kink shame!