Shamrock Shake Night Thread

Evening, ye gents! Allow me to use me stereotypical Irish accent and discuss the wonder that is McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes, a blessing to the world from Grimace’s stereotypical drunk Uncle O’Grimacey, who only ever showed up on St. Paddy’s Day. Of course, once he brought everyone his delicious frozen desert, he’d leave, and go wherever it is Uncle O’Grimacey goes for the remainder of the year.

Yes, kids, you learned it from Uncle O’Grimacey: all homes in Ireland are fucking green! (Also, what’s up with the Fry Guy with ominous political ambitions?)

All kidding aside though, Uncle O’Grimacey’s Shamrock Shakes are pretty damn incredible, providing a smooth minty taste that similar fast food restaurants can’t quite match. Normally, I try to actually consume one today, but since the world has gone batshit crazy lately, this old commercial will have to do. (Even if it doesn’t feature Uncle O’Grimacey!)

Happy Shamrocking, Avocados!