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Sobercados – Remote AA Meetings for Quarantine

For those of us who are sober, who struggle with sobriety, or who generally have concerns about substance use, this may be an especially trying time as many in-person meetings across the world are being cancelled for safety reasons. To that end, I’ve gathered a list of online, virtual, and telephone meetings that might be of use to those who need it. PLEASE NOTE that many of these meetings are seeing a huge increase in attendance right now, I haven’t tested each of these out, so if you try one and have trouble connecting, let me know and I’ll note that on the list.

I’ll make a subthread below for each day of the week listing meetings available on that day. Many meetings meet on multiple days so I will just refer back to that day (“see Sunday for Meeting Name) for those. For each, I’ve noted whether the meeting is limited to a specific population, whether it is open or closed (note on this below) and whether it involves phone calls, video calls, or both.

If any Avocado would like to try and make a meeting together, here’s the place to try to set that up.

  • A closed meeting is only for people to have a desire to stop drinking. You don’t need to identify as an addict or alcoholic, you just need to have a desire to stop drinking.
  • An open meeting is for anyone with a desire to stop drinking and any supporters. Avocados, if any of you join one of these as a joke or just for funsies, I will personally kick your ass.