Jeopardy! recap for Mon., Mar. 16

Please welcome today’s contestants:

  • Sid, a retired school psychologist from New Jersey, wrote a poorly-selling book on publishing in education;
  • Sarah, a podcaster-mom from Ohio, had 430 out of 600 invitees show up at her wedding; and
  • Jessica, a personal stylist from Texas, sang with Canada’s largest choir. Jessica entered the game as a three-day champ with winnings of $71,598.

Sid extended his lead in DD2 and kept the advantage into FJ at $18,400 vs. $12,000 for Jessica and $5,400 for Sarah.

DD1, $600 – THE WOMEN OF THE CENTURY – Anne Boleyn (Jessica won $1,000 from her score of $1,600.)

DD2, $1,600 – ARCHITECTURAL HISTORY – Bernini meant for his design of the colonnades in front of this basilica to represent the encircling arms of the church (Sid won $2,000 from his total of $5,600 vs. $4,400 for Jessica.)

DD3 – Not seen

FJ – MOVIE MUSICALS – Water pressure issues in Culver City, home to MGM, impacted the filming of an iconic scene in this 1952 movie musical

Sid and Jessica were correct, with Sid adding $7,474 to win with $25,874.

By wagering more than necessary to cover Jessica’s double-up, Sid risked falling behind Jessica if he missed and she had made a tiny bet. Meanwhile, Jessica opted to bet everything from second place and force herself to be correct to have a chance, rather than make a small wager to lock out Sarah.

Clue selection strategy: By leaving the affiliate-plugging video category “Clues Across America” for last, round one ran long. Then in DJ with one untouched category remaining and DD3 still on the board, the players selected from the top two rows, resulting in DD3 being among the three leftovers.

Triple Stumpers of the day: No one knew the “middle x” word for the core of a situation is nexus, or that “flies in the Vaseline” is a lyric from a 1994 hit by Stone Temple Pilots.

Correct Qs:
DD1 – What is the 16th century?
DD2 – What is St. Peter’s?
FJ – What is “Singin’ in the Rain”?