Hoarders? Sunday Food Thread 3/15

Any experiences with panicked hoarders/hoarding due to COVID-19? Wednesday night after leaving an event I wanted some ice cream so I stopped at a local grocery store around 9:45pm expecting to buzz in and out with my treasure only to find long lines at every register (even the self-checkout which I don’t use). It never really occurred to me to hoard anything but on the same token we usually do a good job of keeping our larder pretty well stocked. Not bomb shelter stocked but we do like to have enough on-hand pantry items to make a lot of different types of meals with just a couple fresh items and for those we tend to buy whatever produce is on sale that week and use that to determine meals. I also know that we’re fortunate to have the income and space in our house to do that. Hopefully you’re all staying well, and well-fed, during this crisis.