Werewolf 119: dw is Improvising Day 1 Again

On each side of the road, large houses are lined up for what seems like an eternity. Sunlight creeps in through tree branches, creating scattered shadows. Every driveway is completely empty. No cars. No people. The church towers over you all with its angular architecture and bright stain glass windows. A faint piano melody is heard inside, but the doors are locked.

Near the church’s large parking lot is an empty playground. The unoccupied swing set creaks back and forth. It’s a warm afternoon, but no one’s around. Better go home for the day.

Before you can do that, a slender male twenty something with brown hair approaches you.

“Ready to play?” He says, smiling.

[spoiler title= “Roles”] 22 Vanilla Town

1 Jailer

1 Investigator

1 Three shot Vig

4 Vanilla Wolves

1 Wolf Roleblocker

1 SK[/spoiler]

[spoiler title= “Rules and Guidelines”]RP is optional, again, I don’t have a theme planned out, so you can play as whoever or just yourself.

Do NOT Screenshot or quote directly from your QT. This will result in an instant mod kill.

Do NOT edit or delete any posts.

Feel free to use your QT as much or as little as you please. Sometimes it helps to think out loud. Also, if you ever want or need to chat about non game related stuff, I’d be happy to lend an ear!

Do not belittle other players for their choices or reasoning. Attack arguments, not people. I will step in and give a warning if others tell me they’re uncomfortable, or I think you crossed a line.

You must make at least three posts for day. If you’re in a situation where you think you can’t reach that requirement, try to let me know. We can work something out! 🙂

This isn’t a rule per-say, but I discourage using emotional appeals as arguments. I don’t want people to feel guilty for their votes or something like that.

Only votes are allowed in the vote thread. No GIFS or off topic replies. Keep that stuff somewhere else.

There will be OPTIONAL EVENTS every game day. NO REWARD will be given out for these. They’re meant to be light hearted fun to take the edge off of the game. You could also use do one of your required RP posts… Or not. It’s up to you!

There will also being Daily Challenges where you will have to post a certain way or you will be mod killed. I’m not joking. (I AM JOKING. If you mess up, I’ll make you do something now.)[/spoiler]

[spoiler title= “Players”]

  1. Owen
  2. Spooky
  3. Raven
  4. Sic
  5. Gramps
  6. Hoho
  7. Emm
  8. Lamb Dance
  9. May
  10. Josephus
  11. Wasp/Persephone
  12. Hayes
  13. Mars-Five
  14. Side Character
  15. Fig Plucker
  16. Tiff
  17. Lindsay
  18. April
  19. Louie
  20. Nuka
  21. Indy
  22. Grump
  23. Ralph
  24. Spiny
  25. Sagittariuskim
  26. Flubba
  27. MSD
  28. Jude
  29. Lutair
  30. Stoneheart
  31. Video


  1. Goat[/spoiler]

Day 1 ends on Saturday at 6:30 PM EST.

Daily Challenge: You must end each comment with “:p” Failure to do so will lead to something funny happening. :p