The Beautiful Darkness Night Thread (March 7, 2020)

Beautiful Darkness by Fabien Vehlmann and Kerascoët is one of the great modern horror comics and possibly one of my favourite books of all time. It was a bestseller and an instant classic when it was first published in 2014 by Drawn & Quarterly. The description of the book provides a broad outline:

“Newly homeless, a group of fairies find themselves trying to adapt to their new life in the forest. As they dodge dangers from both without and within, optimistic Aurora steps forward to organize and help build a new community. Slowly, the world around them becomes more treacherous as petty rivalries and factions form.”

beautiful darkness body

It’s the most hauntingly horrific story I’ve ever read, and the one book I’ve purchased as a gift more than any other. Go buy it and read it if you haven’t already!

Fabien Vehlmannis a prolific French writer who has been nominated for the Angoulême International Comics Festival Award a number of times, whilst Kerascoët is a husband-and-wife cartooning team.

Have a great night everyone. Don’t have nightmares.