Sports Corner – March 4, 2020

This has not been a pleasant season for the Knicks or their fans.  As usual. We’ve seen young players stuck on the bench, coaches and management fired and hired, all sort of efforts to reinvent the wheel without a basic understanding of what a wheel is.  So going into Monday night’s game with the Rockets, no one was very optimistic that the Knicks had a chance.

So of course the Knicks put together a game plan to take advantage of the Rockets’ small ball lineup, and also used their younger players more than usual, and also got their best game yet from rookie RJ Barrett.  The 125-123 win doesn’t really mean much as the Knicks play out the string, but seeing Barrett and Ntilikina play well, and seeing them and Mitchell Robinson getting to play at all, might bode well.  By a coincidence, Leon Rose took over as team president Monday.  I doubt he send word to Mike Miller to play the kids more, but maybe he is going to get a chance to see the kids and maybe try to develop them instead of doing what the Knicks usually do.

Either way, it was a nice night in a season of bad games. I will take it. Elsewhere…

  • The meat market known as the Combine ends
  • Odds are that the NFLPA will approve the new contract.  But will veterans’ opposition to it hurt locker rooms?
  • The Bucks continue to devour all comers and still no one notices
  • Spring training continues apace
  • March Madness is about to commence.

And a special shout-out to my alma mater, Yeshiva College.  Somehow, despite having a team made of relatively short Jewish boys who can’t play on the sabbath and have twice the course load of most college students (Judaic studies as well as secular), they went 27-1 this season, won their conference championship, and are going to NCAA Division III playoffs as the fifteenth ranked team in the nation.  I have no idea how they are doing it, but they’ve come a long way since my time there, when finishing .500 was a big deal.