The History Thread Sees the Future

Welcome to this week’s History Thread! Unfortunately, I’ve been under the weather the past few days so I didn’t have time or energy to work on the header I planned for today. Instead, let’s preview some possible future history-themed threads and articles:

  • I definitely want to round out the series of author headers, continuing at least through the end of March. Subjects I’m considering include Louisa May Alcott, Sojourner Truth, Henry David Thoreau, Charles Dickens and perhaps an expanded piece on Edgar Allan Poe. Expect at least a few of these in upcoming threads, though probably not all of them.
  • Once that’s finished, I might do a series of short pieces on historical third parties in American politics. In case you wanted to learn about the Anti-Masons or the Greenback Party, well, maybe this will be enlightening.
  • For How We Got Here, I’m focusing right now on a longer-form piece on the opposition to the Mexican War. I’m finding it a fascinating topic but it’s taking me awhile to sort through all the material I’m using. Expect that one maybe next Saturday. Not sure what will come after that.

My participation this week will probably be pretty light, but I at least wanted to make sure there was a thread active since the most recent ones have seen more traffic than usual. Thank you all for reading and for continuing to make this thread a fun place to chat and shitpost.