Box Office: February 29 – March 1

With a number of horror films so far this year underperforming to say the least, having The Invisible Man perform to expectations certainly feels like a win. The film had a $7 million production budget and its opening weekend came in at $29 million for Universal and Blumhouse. The film is doing well critically and with audiences and got a “B+” CinemaScore on opening day. If the film tracks similar to other Blumhouse projects, it should land in the mid-$60 million range somewhere, give or take. The film also did pretty well with a $20 million take in about half the usual markets. It’s rolling out over a few months so it’ll add a bit of coin here and there along the way.

The only other new film out this weekend was the limited run of My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, which came from Funimation films. It did a solid $6.3 million in the 1,260 screens it was on and continues to show there’s room to work with anime feature films of all types.

In its second weekend, Call of the Wild added another $13 million to bring it to $45.8 million, which means it’ll continue to be a struggle to try and turn around on its $135 million or so budget that it apparently had. It’ll still be adding here and there to be sure as it also did another $11 million overseas, bringing its worldwide to $79.3 million.

February has been a weak month for me with new films but it looks like March has some potential with three opening wide on the 6th alone that I want to see. Focus Features has Emma out while Warner Bros. looks to work some magic with Ben Affleck in The Way Back. And is anyone expecting Disney to bomb with Onward? Not in the slightest. It may be tracking low at a $45 million opening but these things can surprise.