The Avocado Votes – 2020 U.S. Presidential Election!

Welcome to the polls! The day of reckoning U.S. Presidential Election Day, November 3rd 2020, draws ever closer. But first we have the Democratic Party primaries to hash out who will be nominated to compete against President Donald Trump.

So let’s see who the Avocado picks, shall we?


I’ve created a brief five question survey to allow everyone to express who they’re supporting (or not) and why (if you want), and whether you plan on actually voting or not! It’s my hope that an anonymous survey will encourage folks to freely express their ideas & preferences, as sometimes the Politics Thread can be a bit intimidating to voice an ‘unpopular’ opinion in.

If you really, truly don’t follow politics (I don’t blame ya), below is a bit of a summary of what the heck’s going on. For everyone else, here’s the survey link again because I’m worried I’m writing too much:

There are currently eight major Democratic candidates still in the running for the nomination. Saturday, Feburuary 29th (what a spooky date) is the South Carolina primary, considered the last of the ‘early’ contests. Then on Tuesday, March 3rd is ‘Super Tuesday’ where 14 states (and American Samoa) go to the polls on the same dang day. Traditionally, this is the line in the sand; either you have a strong enough showing to continue on to the National Convention (starting July 13th) or you face the music, pack up your things, and maybe endorse someone still in the race.

But this year is weird and despite a bunch of candidates having already dropped out, most of those remaining are still legit contenders for the nomination, so even Super Tuesday may not be as decisive as usual! Who knows?! Have you voted yet?!? At least in my dumb poll?!?! GO!