Comic Book Review – Booster Gold #1 (Aug 2007)

Booster Gold #1

Writers – Geoff Johns and Jeff Katz

Artists – Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund

After saving the multiverse in the weekly 52 maxiseries, Booster Gold has his sights on joining the Justice League. After single handedly taking down the Royal Flush Gang, the Justice League arrive on scene. Booster sent an alert to the League to see his triumph over the bad guys. Most of the League chastise Booster for setting up this audition, but Batman offers Booster a one-week tryout to determine if he will get a spot on the roster.

Booster, along with his robot side-kick Skeets, are racking up the wins and getting their name in the papers. Things are looking up for Booster Gold until Rip Hunter arrives in the present in his time bubble. Rip warns Booster of anomalies in the time stream caused by their battle with Mr. Mind. Rip asks for Booster’s help to fix these anomalies before a rogue time traveler can exploit these holes in time for their own gain. Booster rejects Rip’s offer.

Booster arrives at the Justice League Headquarters after his tryout and is offered a spot on the team. He is presented with a membership certificate but when he looks at it, the paper turns into a death certificate for Green Lantern Hal Jordan, which only Booster and Skeets can see. Booster turns down the offer for membership and leaves. Booster meets up with Rip Hunter and decides to help the Time Master with his mission on one condition; they go back in time to save Blue Beetle Ted Kord from being killed by Maxwell Lord.

When this series was initially released, I read the first storyline and was immediately hooked, so much so, I added it to my pull list. As a lover of history and time travel stories in movies and T.V., this was right up my alley. I enjoyed the peek into the vast history of the DC Universe.
One thing that you had to keep an eye out for was Rip Hunter’s chalkboard. It would be featured in certain issues and it would give the reader hints and clues into the future of the DC Universe at the time. Most clues would play out in other comic books and I thought this was a clever plot device.

This second series of Booster Gold ran for 47 issues. My favorite issue involved Booster trying to stop Barbara Gordon from being shot by the Joker. If I can track it down, I will review it. A very solid issue that explains the dynamics of time travel and how the timeline is like cement in some areas.

Overall, this series helped prove Booster Gold would be the greatest hero nobody knew. A hero that was once known for his bwahahaha moments that matured into a Time Master in his own right.