So You Think You Can Think 21: Flippin’ Flippancies

Whoa, hey! It’s back, after nearly a year! Avocado’s own word puzzle thing, SYTYCT. My apologies for the disappearance, but the ol’ gray matter, she ain’t what she used to be. I wasn’t anticipating this would return any time soon, either, but a tricky theme popped into my head over the weekend, and I thought “why not!”

I’ll try to make this appear more regularly as well, but I can’t promise a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. But hey, let’s enjoy what we’ve got while we can!

The theme to this puzzle is a fanciful play on common phrases, idioms, and off-the-cuff clichés that you’re sure to be familiar with. One such phrase will be suggested by each clue below. But naturally, there’s a twist! Specifically, the clue is hinting at a phrase where two words have been twisted between each other, so the shift in word position results in a different sentence entirely.

So for example, the clue might read “Jealously sizing-up another fisherman’s trophy.” The clue suggests “Eyeing someone’s catch,” which is a flip of the more common phrase “Catching someone’s eye.” Note that the verb tense stayed with the word in the first position, rather than getting flipped.

To make matters more complicated, each flipped word leaves behind its number or verb-tense indicator, if it has one, to be taken up by the replacement. So “Heavens to Betsy” would result in “Betsies to Heaven,” rather than “Betsy to Heavens.” Likewise, “Running the Table” would become “Tabling the run.”

So! Everyone got it? No? Okay, good luck with the clues! Please remember to use spoilers in your comments/answers below so everyone gets a chance to play.

  1. Exaggerate the tale
  2. Freeze the site of a fracture
  3. I’d rather never exist than die
  4. The royal retinue are gathered within your costumed dance party
  5. The spinnaker has gone out for delivery
  6. This undeveloped land has a dish atop it
  7. Taking tricks in a U-boat
  8. I’m your opponent in Boxing Boxing Revolution!
  9. Smoke up the actors who originated the roles
  10. Blindness healed when the initial crush occurs
  11. During the era of Nolte
  12. The very second a cowboy kicks his horse
  13. Was in charge of the hideous back-flank
  14. Pinkish area of town
  15. Money management is just flavorless