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So before we get to the topic, I’d like to talk about LGBTQ+ rep a bit in the video game industry. On the character side, its been getting better on the non indie side. Basically every other game with a big emphasis on choice has LGBT+ characters. On the flipside, in most of those choice games, the characters sexuality is the choice of the player and only few of them where the sexuality is set by the designers/writers is the character queer, with Life . And you can’t make your character trans in basically any non indie game.

On the behind the scenes work, it appears to be worse. Sure, we get a David Gaider every so often in the AAA or AA scene, but for the most part, LGBTQ+ stories seem to be told mostly by cis hets. The indie side, its better, with folk like Zoe Quinn and Scott Benson at work.

As I said, things are getting better, but its not there yet.

So let’s get to the topic

Optional Topic: What’s more important to you, queer rep in your stories (on screen, in the book, etc) or behind the scenes (the director, writer, actor, etc)? Please, no “its even”