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The Debate Thread Just Wants to Rest

eh, you know the drill at this point

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Hi, my name is….. it doesn’t matter. Now I see that Bloomberg has starting to see backlash in the last week, more intense than ever. So I come with a deal. Vote for him or I will shoot this puppy in the face. Now, I know what you are thinking “wow, Bloomie is paying this guy a lot of money” no, I’m an honest believer in him, only a person of means can truly run this country. Don’t like puppies? I’ll shoot a kitten in the face instead. Think about what I said today, friend*

*Paid for by the Center of American Progress

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The time for the same old games is over. We need a movement that knows how to not only uplift the downtrodden but to also give them the means to stay up. We need a movement that can hold the ultra rich accountable and to make them bleed money. We need a movement with a dog at the helm that can say “Not Me. Us.….. Wait, what? What do you mean someone already has that as a slogan? Is it a small campaign, tiny enough for us to get away with keeping the quote? Its the Sanders 2020 campaign slogan? Oh GOD FU……..”


**Paid by the Friends of Doggos.

Now let the blood mist rise, and the violence to begin