Jeopardy! recap for Mon., Feb. 24

Here are today’s contestants:

  • Steve, a professor from Washington state, teaches on the history of infectious diseases;
  • Jennifer, a lawyer from Ontario, whose trivia team’s name is a picture of a cat; and
  • MacKenzie, a program development director from Oklahoma, led a prom dress drive. MacKenzie entered the game as a five-day champ with winnings of $130,803.

Steve dominated most of the way, but champ MacKenzie launched one of her trademark rallies, coming up just short of the lead into FJ with $15,800 vs. $16,400 for Steve and $6,800 for Jennifer.

DD1, $600 – AROUND THE WORLD – The co-princes of this tiny country in the Pyrenees are the French president & the Bishop of Urgell (Steve won $1,000 on a true DD.)

DD2, $2.000 – 19TH CENTURY HISTORY – After success at Second Bull Run, Confederate armies began an invasion of Maryland; this Sept. 17, 1862 battle stopped them (Steve won $3,000 from his score of $12,200 vs. $6,400 for MacKenzie.)

DD3 – $2,000 – ONLY THE GOOD CHARACTERS DIE YOUNG – After saving some kids’ lives in “The Outsiders”, Johnny tells this main character to stay gold, then joins our category (MacKenzie won $7,000 from her total of $8,000 vs. $16,800 for Steve.)

FJ – MUSIC STARS – On July 26, 1972 he testified before a Senate subcommittee on national penitentiaries

MacKenzie and Jennifer were correct on FJ. MacKenzie chose to force herself to be correct to have a chance to win by betting everything, and the gamble paid off as she doubled up to $31,600 for a six-day total of $162,403.

Strategy corner: On DD2, MacKenzie held back $1,000 from her wager, and given that she trailed Steve by just $600 going into FJ, that decision might have cost her the game if Steve had been correct.

Also, Steve had a lead of $2,600 with one $2,000 remaining in DJ, on which he rang in and was incorrect. In that situation with the first place going into FJ in hand, Steve should not have tried to respond to the last clue unless he was 100% sure he knew it.

How quickly they forget dept.: No one knew that the Green Party presidential candidate in the 2000 election was Ralph Nader, and if Al Gore saw this, he probably found the idea that he ran for the Green Party to be darkly amusing.

Correct Qs:
DD1 – What is Andorra?
DD2 – Who was Antietam?
DD3 – Who is Ponyboy?
FJ – Who was Johnny Cash?