The 2/23 Day Thread Requires Something With A Little More Kick, Plutonium

On this day in 1941, element 94, plutonium, was first produced and isolated by a team of researchers at UC-Berkeley led by Glenn T. Seaborg. Even though it was named after Pluto, it managed to keep its status as an element even after Pluto got kicked out of the Planets Club. Seaborg chose the letters Pu for its symbol as a joke, but nobody noticed and it ended up with that odorous symbol permanently.

It’s made many pop culture appearances, most notably as the original source of the 1.21 Gigawatts required for the DeLorean to travel through time. While Doc Brown moved on to other sources of energy, we’ll always have his line about plutonium.

Have fun, post cat pictures (as if you need my encouragement for that), and be excellent to each other.