Box Office: February 21-23

February has proven a much lighter month than people have been used to over the last few years where some big films have landed or surprises have shown themselves. With a strong debut previously, Sonic the Hedgehog keeps to the top spot for a second week with a 55% drop that brought in $26.3 million. That’s brought it to $106.6 million since it debuted with a four-day weekend and some good winter break dailies as well. The film also did another $38 million overseas to bring that side to $96.5 million or $203 million worldwide since launch ten days ago.

One of the new films this week was Disney’s Call of the Wild, which went in with a huge expense rumored at $135 million. It did $24.8 million – which is better than the projections were – but this is not going to be a film that will recoup its costs for quite some time and across a range of release mediums. That said, it managed an “A-” CinemaScore and RT had an audience score of 90% on opening day. The film also had an opening in just under half of overseas markets where it did $15.4 million.

The Brahms film launched this weekend as well with minimal advertising from STX – I never saw anything myself – and it did $5.9 million in just over 2,100 screens.

Showing just how weak the slate is, the debut of Impractical Jokers as a film in just 357 screens managed an eleventh place nod at $2.6 million. Most films are at $7 million or under this weekend with a large chunk of them still being holdovers from the Christmas season.

Next weekend has another slew of very limited release films while wide-release films include just The Invisible Man from Universal.