The Miracle On Ice Day Thread


40 years ago, on February 22nd 1980,   at the Lake Placid Winter Olympics, with the Ice Hockey Semifinal game tied at 3 goals apiece, American Left Winger Mike Eruzione beat Soviet Goalie Vladimir Myshkin to take the lead.  Despite a furious surge by the Soviets; the US hung on for the remaining 10 minutes, and Team USA beat the heavily favored Team USSR in what is known as “The Miracle On Ice”


The Americans hadn’t beaten the Soviets  in Ice Hockey at the Olympics since 1960, in fact since Squaw Valley the Soviets had only lost one game at the Olympics, and went into the match as huge underdogs. Team USSR had also soundly beaten Team USA 10-3 in an exhibition match at Madison Square Garden leading up to the Olympics only a few weeks before.


It is widely regarded as the greatest upset in sports history. Team USA would go on to beat Team Finland to win the Gold Medal, and Team USSR would rout Team Sweden to  take the Silver.

(A few days later after USA won the Gold)

Where was a young Kevzero during the game? I was at the Lake Placid Olympics when it happened, though not at the game. My family and I were watching ski-jumping and getting updates from the game. When word got around that the USA had won everyone went to the rink to celebrate the victory. The huge crowd is one of my biggest memories of the Games. We did go to an USA game earlier in the tournament , a tie against Sweden, and went to see  the Soviets annihilate Team Netherlands.

The full game here…