The Day Thread of my First Guitar (2/21)

…Or a portrait of the artist at 19 and 20.

When I was 19 I was gifted my first guitar: a Fender Starcaster. It’s the kind of guitar you can pick up at Costco or Sam’s Club (where my parents got it): entry level while still being a very decent guitar to learn on and abuse. It was one of the best gifts I ever received.

Over the next few years, I made it my own. First with a few stickers, but also art, and some bawdy poems I am not sharing right now. What’s left is a snapshot of what I was like at a very specific time in my life. I played the hell out of this guitar, but only for about two years. After that I had more room and brought an electric guitar (that I had inherited from my dad) to school with me. It’s also notable that this guitar is the last gift my dad gave me before he died.

So what’s on it?

The shark is something I drew, the rest are stickers or things I scavenged from the school. The green abomination is from a flyer promoting a Kathy Griffin show.

There are many Tegan and Sara references on this guitar. There probably would have been even more, but even at the time I knew it was not a great idea to exclusively cover the guitar in Tegan and Sara.

The A. Weiss sticker is from an artist who no longer goes by that name at all. I would remove it, but I think that sticker is on there for good. Sorry about that.

And finally, True Blood? What can I say, I always had trashy taste in TV.