Comic Book News: Dan Didio Out at DC

I read it first on Bleeding Cool, but now it’s even been confirmed by major outlets like Deadline and the Hollywood Reporter:

Dan Didio has been an executive at DC Comics for as long as I can remember. I first learned about him during the days where he and Paul Levitz were steering the ship starting in 2004. Levitz got the axe and yet Didio somehow had the durability of a cockroach. To call him a controversial figure would be an understatement. He survived spearheading the disastrous New 52 reboot and was continually put in charge of additional reboots, including the upcoming 5G reboot that was first officially announced at New York Comic Con last October. He outlasted his co-publisher Geoff Johns by about a year and a half. His exit is also timed with the cleaning house that has happened with the DC wing of Warner Brothers over recent years, with Jim Lee the only co-publisher remaining from the Lee/Didio/Johns trifecta.

Let’s try to keep it civil, as no one individual could be held solely responsible for all of the questionable creative decisions over the past decade.

Some questions to kick us off:

  • What was your favorite comic from the DC Didio era?
  • What was your least favorite comic from the DC Didio era?
  • What’s next for DC Entertainment?