The 2/19 Day Thread Wants Your 100 Favorite Songs in About Two And A Half Weeks

I’ve mentioned this idea in a couple of places, but this is a slightly larger platform. With a little encouragement from Lyssie, I’ve decided to do a post where everyone can list their 100 favorite songs. Now, it’s going to take some time to come up with a list (I sure as hell haven’t gotten mine done, and I decided I wanted to do this over a week ago), so I’ll put up the post on March 8, which is a Sunday. Hopefully by then, most people will have their lists ready, and we can post and discuss and it’ll be kind of like Songs By The Letter. Coming up with a list of 100 songs will be both fun and agonizing. (Clearly, I have absolutely no experience with marketing.)

Anyway, good luck coming up with your lists.

As for today’s day thread, cat pictures are encouraged, and don’t forget to stop by Tolerable Discussions around Noon EST where I’ll be posting the Booze Thread. And as always, be excellent to each other.