Werewolf 117: Locke & Key – Signups

Locke and Key is a six-volume comic book (and now a Netflix series) about three kids who discover that their father’s childhood home, Keyhouse, is filled with hidden keys with strange and unusual powers. As they find and experiment with the keys, it becomes clear that they’re not the only ones looking for them.

This will be a very weird sort of game where most of the powers are connected to keys which can be passed from person to person, as well as potentially stolen by the villains. It’s quite likely it’ll go off the rails terribly. Fun!

Because not everyone’s familiar with the source material and many of the named characters are “taken” anyway because they’re roles, this will be sort of an RP free skate – the setting is a Halloween party at Keyhouse, so your “costume” can be whatever you want! I do strongly recommend you read the comics if at all possible, both because they’re great and because it might help you guess what certain characters can do. Plus there will be lots of spoilers and I’d hate to ruin the story for you later. (Note: the comics do contain some pretty graphic/potentially triggering content, so please read at your discretion.) You can also just watch the TV show, but be aware there are some significant differences.

Some days will feature party games. The time for the party games will be announced at the beginning of each day so you have time to prepare. Due to my work schedule, both the events and Twilights will mostly be scheduled in the evenings, Central US time.

I’ll start by asking for 21 players (16 town, 4 wolves, 1 SK) but if there’s enough demand I might…unlock some stretch goals.

And if I don’t already have a private QT with you, please temporarily unprivate your disqus so I can tag you on an old post!


In this game, powers work a little differently. They are connected to magical keys, which can be found, given away, or even stolen – including by the demons!

BODE, KINSEY, TYLER, and NINA each start with a key.

BODE finds a new key at the beginning of each day. (The house prefers to show its keys to an innocent, someone without malice.) If BODE is killed, new keys will be instead be found by KINSEY. And so on, the succession afterwards being TYLER, SCOT, JAMAL, JULIE, JORDAN, DUNCAN, NINA.

Named characters may also have certain special powers.

During the day, a player may choose to give away any number of keys that they currently hold by naming in their QT, in bold, each recipient’s name and which key they wish to give them. They may change their mind about this at any time during the day – for purposes of the game, the transfer happens at Twilight, immediately after the daykill. Thus, if the intended recipient is daykilled, the transfer doesn’t happen.

During the night, any player holding a key may choose to use the power of that key. If a player holds more than one key during the night phase, they may choose only one to use.

A player may not pass Twilight while holding more than one key. If they do not choose keys and recipients before Twilight while holding multiple keys, they will lose keys at random, and they will be found by random targets.

If a player is daykilled while holding a key, a random person who voted for them will find the key on their body.

If a player is nightkilled while holding a key, their killer receives the key.

Writeups will mention any keys lost by a killed target, but not who receives them.

You may not use the same key on the same person two nights in a row. However, the same person can be targeted two nights in a row if the key is passed from one person to another.


-Any keys are transferred

-[A character-specific action]

-Use of the Ghost Key

-Use of the Head Key


-Use of the Mending Key

-[A character-specific action]

In addition to the keys, all named characters (both town and demon) have a special ability or quality of some kind.


Because the power to observe actions exists in this game, it’s important to specify WHICH of the demon players is actually performing the demon’s nightkill – therefore, there’s an order in which they’ll attempt to make the kill. The default order is THE DARK LADY, THE CLOCKWORK OWL, DODGE, ELLIE. That is, if the demons choose to kill a target, and someone is watching the player who is The Dark Lady, they will see the attempt. If they are watching one of the other demon players, they won’t see the attempt.

This DOES NOT mean that jailing or blocking The Dark Lady will prevent the demon’s nightkill! If the designated killer is blocked or incapacitated, the next demon on the list will make the attempt instead, and so on. The nightkill can only be prevent by blocking/incapacitating all demons or using a healing/blocking power on the intended target.

The player who is Dodge may change this order if desired. If Dodge is killed, the order can only be changed further by unanimous consent of the remaining demon players.




BODE LOCKE, the rambunctious and curious younger brother

KINSEY LOCKE, a fearless track star and middle child

TYLER LOCKE, a surly hockey player and older brother

NINA LOCKE, a grieving widow and mother

DUNCAN LOCKE, an art teacher and uncle

SCOT KAVANAUGH, ambiguously British punk

JAMAL SATURDAY, best friend of Scot

JACKIE VEDA, Kinsey’s track teammate

JORDAN GATES, wealthy hellraiser

All other town players are HIGH SCHOOLERs with no special abilities of their own. They can, however, use any keys in their possession.


LUCAS “DODGE” CARAVAGGIO, once a sarcastic but good-hearted teenager, now possessed by one of the Children of Leng. He wants little more than to stay on Earth, indulging in the many pleasures of the flesh, and he’ll kill anyone who stands in his way.

THE DARK LADY, an echo of the past. She was little more than a voice at the bottom of a well until Bode unwittingly released her. Now she seeks to help her alter ego, Dodge.

THE CLOCKWORK OWL, a wind-up raptor used by Dodge to hunt for keys.

ELLIE WHEDON, the school track coach and unwilling thrall of Dodge. His mental influence forces her to assist him in his plans, but she’s not truly evil.


SAM LESSER, a psychotic serial killer. He’d really like to finish killing off the Locke family, but he’s got no love for Dodge either. He gets one kill per night. Sam has a chance to hang around as a ghost for a little while if he’s killed, so if he’s wiped out early he may stay around for a night or two, killing from beyond the grave.



When a new key enters play, an explanation of its powers will be posted. The initial keys in play are:

THE GHOST KEY – The Ghost Key unlocks the Ghost Door. Upon passing through this door, the soul is separated from the body temporarily. The soul can fly around, but can’t do much on its own, nor can it be hurt. The holder of the Ghost Key may push anyone through the door (including themself), preventing them from acting or being acted on that night.

THE HEAD KEY – The Head Key unlocks someone’s head so you can see inside. The holder of the Head Key may look into another person’s mind and see if they are GOOD or EVIL.

THE MENDING KEY – The Mending Key opens the Mending Cupboard, which can fix broken objects, including people. It can heal mortal wounds, but can’t bring people back from the dead. The holder of the Mending Key may choose a target (including themself) to put in the Mending Cupboard. If that person is targeted by a mortal wound the same night they go in the Mending Cupboard, it’s healed.

THE OMEGA KEY – The Omega Key opens the door in the caves and lets the demons through. You probably don’t want to do that, so the Omega Key doesn’t do much for the heroes. But if the demons get their hands on it, they can use it to recruit another demon to their side. Protect it at all costs!



1. MSD

2. Goat

3. Raven

4. Mac

5. Nate

6. Colonel Mustard

7. Hoho

8. Spooky

9. Hicks

10. Ralph

11. Owen

12. Stoneheart

13. Lindsay

14. Emmelemm

15. Video

16. Louie

17. Wasp

18. Grumproro

19. Lamb

20. Gramps

21. Sic