Songs By The Letter, The Hidden Track: Your Top Songs For Every Letter

Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in. I know I said last week was the last Songs By The Letter post. Well, then I read this comment, and I decided we needed one final post. A Hidden Track, if you will.

Pick your favorite song for each letter (and one from the numbers/non-alphabetic symbols if you’d like). You can skip Q and X if you want, maybe you have a song or two for those letters but you’re not really a big fan of them. You can do the one song per artist thing if you want, but there’s about a 99% chance I will have multiple Beatles songs on my list, so if you want to use an artist multiple times, go for it. After all this time, I’m still not the boss of you.

(Pictured in the header: Abbey Road, for several reasons. Her Majesty is considered a hidden track, Something is my S song, The Beatles are still my all time favorite band, and, well, it’s Abbey Freaking Road, it’s an iconic album cover, and I haven’t used it in a previous header image.)