Sports Corner – February 12, 2020

JAnd so pitchers and catchers report. And all is right in the world of major league baseball. Except for a cheating scandal that seems bigger every day and threatens to overshadow the season. And for a dispute between the MLB’s owners and the minor league system that has supported the majors for over a century. And for a new, rather unwelcome plan to expand the playoffs. But hey, do we want to talk about all that, or do we want to see someone hit some dingers?


  • Phillip Rivers moves on.  But what about Brady?
  • NBA trade deadline passes, and NHL trade deadline nears
  • The Knicks are worth $4.6 billion.  Imagine what they would be worth if they were good?
  • Klinsmann quits in Berlin after only ten weeks.

As ever, all sports subjects welcome.