Animal Marble Race

Marbula One is just a few short days away (here’s a trailer), but in the meantime, Jelle & Co. have been generous enough to tide us over with a bonus sand rally race, this time featuring animal-themed marbles. Let’s meet our contestants, shall we?

  1. Dragonfly. Winged, but not deadly.
  2. Bee. I give this marble a grade of…
  3. Octopus. One marble, eight tentacles, all speed.
  4. Seal. Evolves into Dugong.
  6. Moonfish. This guy looks smug. I don’t like him.
  7. Starfish. Okay we’ve spent enough time in the ocean. Let’s go elsewhere.
  8. Spider. Finally, out of the ocean!
  9. Ladybug. Extra spots for extra speed.
  10. Turtle. As we will see, slow and steady does not win the race.

Now that we’ve met our zoological zoomers, let’s recap the race. Ladybug, Seal, Starfish, and Spider pull out in front early, trading the top four spots between them for the first third of the race. Then, Moonfish enters the mix, while Starfish gets stuck next to the ghost marble, dashing his hopes of putting one of his five arms across the finish line.

But the excitement isn’t over yet. At a fork in the track, most marbles take the slower route, but Dragonfly sees an opening and takes the upper path, boosting him way out in front. Unfortunately, that lead does not last. Two-third of the way down, Dragonfly has some trouble with obstacles, and Seal uses the opportunity to arf arf arf his way to the head of the pack. Then, in a battle of the insects, Ladybug comes from behind to overtake Dragonfly.

However, Ladybug’s speed isn’t enough to overtake Seal, and they finish in second and first, respectively. Meanwhile, Dragonfly’s momentum is flagging, and his bronze medal position is being challenged by a surging Turtle. But Dragonfly holds on just long enough to nab a podium finish by two hundredths of a second, leaving Turtle in fourth place.

Well that was pretty exciting for a palate cleanser, wasn’t it? Look forward to Marbula One coverage starting this weekend.

Complete stats for Jelle’s Marble Runs can be found at the Marble League Wiki.