Weekly Who #23 Gives A History On The Early Days Of The Time Lords

Weekly Who is back with another lore article. Today’s topic owing to how they may very well be relevant to the show again in a few weeks is the early history of Gallifrey and The Time Lords.

  • Prehistory: Way way back before Time Lords were Time Lords they were just Gallifreyans. One of the (if not the) first humanoid species to evolve. This early time was chaotic and uncertain with magick being a regular feature of the universe and the laws of physics not existing at all. In these crazy halcyon days, Gallifreyans quickly mastered both science and magick spreading their influence far across the stars. It was during this time that the first major war the Gallifreyans fought in, the Racnoss War. The leadership on Gallifrey at this time was a group of women known as the Pythia. These ladies were seers who used the strong magicks of the universe to see the future and rule accordingly.
Pythia (Artist: Robin Smith DWM 299)
  • Enter Rassilon: As time went on more and greater powers started arising in the universe. This started to pose a problem as they couldn’t all exhort their wills upon an untamed reality. Thusly the Gallifreyan Rassilon sought to create rationality and to place his people’s will as the default for this new age of universal reason. To this end, Rassilon decided to anchor the thread with Gallifrey as it’s new core. This caused Gallifreyan rules and laws to become the new laws of time and laws of physics. A side effect of this rationality was the fall of Pythia and her descendants as rulers of Gallifrey, (the remaining descendants fled to Karn forming The Sisterhood Of Karn.) A hole also gets knocked open to the alternate dimension where Vampires lived. The ensuing chaos caused by the violent Vampires caused the long 1000 year war between Gallifrey and The Vampires known as The Eternal War.
Three Great Vampires (From State Of Decay)
  • Rise Of The Time Lords: Rassilon in the aftermath of the Eternal War gathered up five friends of his; The Great Engineer Omega, The Mysterious Other, Pandak, Apeiron, and Eutenoyar (Note the last three are only candidates no definitive proof exists establishing them as the last three founders) to combine their talents and powers to evolve their species to its apex and become Time Lords. The first great deed was done by Omega. Wielding his two mighty Stellar Manipulators (The Hands Of Omega) he detonated the star Qqaba and used the resulting black hole energy to power time travel. Unfortunately, due to sabotage from the future assassin Fenris, Omega’s shields failed and his ship was pulled into the Anti-Matter Universe where he lived in isolation presumed dead for centuries. The second deed was the great gathering of all Time-Sensitive minds on the planet in one location to design the Type 1 TARDIS. The first TARDISes rolling off the line is the start of year 0 of the Rassilon era and is, therefore, the start of modern Time Lord history which is a topic for next week’s thread.
One Hand Of Omega in its box (Remembrance Of The Daleks)