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Job Rants Thread – 2/7/2020 – Home/Work


Hey, all; Happy Friday –


So, believe it or not, I’m actually writing this at work. (Don’t worry, I’m not hectically on the clock) I’m doing my best to multitask as I both bang this bad boy out, and try to make sense of the avalanche of manila and paper I currently find myself buried under. In addition to that, I also need to train an employee on several vital procedures, as well as complete several myriad client cases. Will I be putting my best foot forward to get all of this done? You bet! Will I actually be able to do so before 5 o’clock? Hell no.

No, more than likely, I’ll be snagging a laptop and bringing work home with me this weekend; preferably accompanied by a whiskey.  As much as we would all like to say that we leave it at the door come quitting time on a Friday, (or however your schedule shakes out) the hard fact is that, more often than not, we take our jobs with us; whether metaphorically in their various stresses, physically, due to just not enough hours in the day, or both; like I’m doing because, apparently, one of my ancestors pissed off a dark spirit, or fey, or something.

Do any of you feel the same? Does work tend to follow you, even when you’re not there? Are you currently reading this while working from home (whether you want to, or not) ? Let’s talk a bit about that, along with anything else that might be riding your collective backs, this week.

As ever, have a productive rest of the day, safe trip home, and a great weekend. And remember: Working without pants on might not make the task easier, but it sure helps.