Werewolf 115 – Werewolf Emblem Awakening – Day Five

Chrom was heading to his quarters as he reflected upon the last few days. It had been intense, but he was sure if he could just kill off this evil cult leader that had everyone all worried, the Shepherds would realize he was the real deal. When he arrived at his destination he heard a voice boom out.

Voice: “So it’s you.”

Chrom: “Lasoona, is that you? Are you here to give your father a hug?”

Voice: “You will pay for what you’ve done to the fitness lady! No mercy, no forgiveness!”

In but a single moment, there was a flash of the blade, and Chrom fell, fatally wounded.

Chrom: “Aww but I really wanted to join the Shepherds.”

Lovely Bones (Chrom) has died! They were a Reformed Plegian. (Vanilla Town)

Meanwhile, Gaius snuck around the castle, hoping to raid the pantries to replenish his dwindling snack supplies. Upon seeing a massive pile left out in the open in the kitchen area, he paused. Someone was setting him up with the world’s most obvious trap. But who? He drew out his knives and paused. And in that pause, the ground heated up underneath him, and lava rushed forth.

Sic Humor (Gaius) has died! They were the Green Cavalier. (Town Mason)

The robed figure put away their spell tome, and looked about the ruined kitchen and sighed. Fire magic always made such a mess.


Soldiers of Ylisse (Town Roles):
6 Shepherds (Vanilla Town)
1 Stalwart Armored Knight (Town Jailkeeper)
1 Sprightly Cleric (Town Doctor)
1 Time Traveling Lord (1 shot vigilante)
Servants of the Grimleal (Scum Faction)
1 Grimleal High Priest (Wolf Godfather)

No more mystery roles. The Fell Dragon is capable of performing one kill a night. This kill can be blocked if the dragon or their target is blocked. They can be killed either by the daykill or by vigilante.
Their subordinate, the Grimleal High Priest, also carries out one kill per night. If they are blocked then the kill is blocked. If the high priest dies, a new high priest is chosen among the remaining wolves at random
The remaining Plegian Spies were given the choice of joining the cultists or defecting.
There are a total of 10 players currently


During the day, players will attempt to determine the scum among them. The player with the most votes when twilight is called will be killed, and their role revealed. If a majority of players vote for a single player, then the day will automatically end upon the majority vote being cast. In the case of a tie, the almighty random number god will determine who dies between the players with the most votes. During the night, the Wolf Roleblocker will act, then the Town Jailkeeper, followed by the kills (all happen concurrently) followed by the remaining night role actions. At the start of the next day, player deaths will be announced, and the dead will have their roles revealed. Roleplaying is encouraged, but not required. You will be required to make some game relevant posts per day, inactive players will be replaced, or if the mod is unable to find a replacement, killed by the mod scoring an unlucky critical hit.

Roles reflect roles at the time of death.

1. Jam (Vanilla Town)
2. Raven and Rose
3. dw
4. Cop on the Edge-ish (Vanilla Wolf)
5. Grumproro
6. Ralph
7. Lutair (Town Mason)
8. Lamb Dance (Wolf Roleblocker)
9. Lindsay  (Fell Dragon)
10. Sic (Town Mason)
11. Spooky
12. Otakunomike
13. Owen (Vanilla Town)
14. Mr. I’m My Own Grandfather  (Vanilla Wolf)
15. Lovely Bones (Vanilla Town)
16. Sagittariuskim
17. The Wasp (Vanilla Town)
18. Goat
19. Spiny Creature
20. Buttersnap
21. MSD (Town Cop)
22. Hoho (Vanilla Town)
1. Emmelemm
2. Demyx
3. Snugs
4. Louie


No editing or deleting posts for any reason.
No quoting directly from a QT
You have until Thursday, 7:00 pm Central to vote. Twilight will be called then, even if the mod isn’t around to do it directly.