The Avocado’s Favorite Actor – Nomination Round!

It’s time for another patented BannerThief Tournament, where The Avocado is nearly torn asunder by infighting, sectarian conflicts, and hair-splitting of the highest order! It’s time for us to determine…WHO IS OUR FAVORITE ACTOR?

This is the preliminary Nomination Round, where we simply put forth some possible candidates, and I will then assemble the tournament brackets, determined by which ones get the most upvotes! Simple, right?

Not quite. See, “actor” is a sometimes nebulous term, so I will be defining what I mean here: An actor, according to my definition, has appeared in at least one film or TV episode, has an entry on IMDB, and is a gender-neutral term.

Speaking to that last point: yes, there will be MULTIPLE concurrent tournaments, as we will be following Academy guidelines for this one. This is to allow for more representation, as I frankly don’t want the field dominated by cis white dudes. So nominate any actor (or actress, or NB actor (Asia Kate Dillon stans represent!)) you want, and I will sort them into the appropriate tournament. And yes, this means that if we have a sizable contingent of non-gender conforming actors eligible for entry, there will be ANOTHER tournament to determine our favorite among them. Honestly, I hope there’s enough interest for that!

Let’s do this, Avocado!