Sports Corner – February 5, 2020

The NBA trade deadline is Friday.  And while it seems like a few notable second and third tier players will be on the move, the biggest trade of the week might happen in another sport entirely. Several reliable sources are saying that Mookie Betts, the consensus second best player in the sport after Mike Trout, will be traded from the Red Sox to the Dodgers.  Or maybe the Padres.  It still boggles the mind that the filthy rich Red Sox, less than two seasons of a dominant title year, would rather trade Mookie and get under the tax threshold than contend again.  But that’s baseball in 2020.\


  • Congrats to the Kansas City Chiefs on their stirring but inevitable comeback.
  • Goodbye, Steve Mills.  Can’t say any Knicks fan is sad to see him go, though the timing is weird.
  • Goodbye, Mark Dantonio.  Given his willingness to look the other way regarding sexual abuse committed by his recruits and players, I can’t say I am sad to see him go either.
  • Congrats to Sofia Kenin on his first major title.  The future of women’s tennis looks ever brighter.
  • Congrats to Novak Djokovic, who keeps making his case for best men’s tennis player ever.  Amazing era we’ve seen with him and Rafa and Raja all at once.

As always, all sports subjects welcome.