Avocado Day Thread

The Apocalypse War Day Thread (February 3, 2020)

First infecting the citizens of Mega City One with a water-borne virus that results in Block Mania, the devious Sov Judges of East-Meg One have left their counterparts in the Western Mega-City, including Judge Dredd, weakened and vulnerable to invasion – and so begins … The Apocalypse War!

This epic 2000AD story was created in 1982 and published fortnightly through issues 245 to 270. It was only the second multi-part arc created for the character at that point, but even these decades later it remains one of the benchmark great storylines for Dredd; and one of the reasons I fell in love with comics as a kid. One major reason for that is artist Carlos Ezquerra, who delivers a masterclass of illustration. He shouldered the whole series and stamps his style indelibly onto it so that it is every bit his as much as writers Alan Grant and John Wagner.

apocalypse war 2

My dream scenario would have seen the film starring Karl Urban be such a success that a cinematic adaptation of the war would have been viable; alas, the movie died a financial death. If you’ve never read Judge Dredd comic, I heartily recommend finding a collected edition of this one. It’s epic, violent, grim, exciting, and hilarious in turn, and despite its world-ending premise, a superb introduction to the world of Dredd.

Enjoy your day, Avocados!